• Hi I have been looking at cbd for awhile now.. But been in doubt as I smoke alot of thc bud for 30years..i also have sktizphrenia and other mental health issues.. I also have severe copd using a nebuliser an 4 inhalers.. I also have fibromalygia an on morphine for pain as I suffer very bad body pain.. I have only been smoking the flower for 3 days now.. An wow I see a big improvement.. I don’t cough smoking it as I always do with thc. I breath alot easier.. My body pain I have not had I only taking the morphine cos I withdraw off it.. So I am. On to the doctors to reduce this.. My mental health has been clear an no phycotic thoughts.. I am so very pleased.. As so are all my family as all ready seeing a difference.. I have thc bud in my drawer as I thought I mite get some mental state not having. Thc. It has not even bothered me.. I wld really recommend cbd flower if u wanting to cut thc.. I now know thc was causing me fibro flare ups.. Messing with my mind.. I will not switch back.. I wld really. Like to thank you for ur service as I feel like u have given me my life back.. Ps.. I haven’t been out for months an yesterday I went out with my son for an hour in the woods 😁😊

    Kay hartley
  • I use cbd as I used to smoke a lot of high thc compound cannabis usaly back street deals, but since I’ve been using cbd I feel less stressed and my mental health isn’t playing up as much thanks guys real help with customer serice 5 star

  • GP ‘s meds I meant , I haven’t ordered from you yet by intend to as soon as I have the funds . Thanks for calling for this discussion I think it’s a really nice idea

  • I use Finola cbd in particular as I find it to be subtly different from other types , for tackling low mood
    I don’t know if it is the cbd that I find effective or the entourage effect , linalool or beta pinene , but I find something make me personally feel a greater sense of well being . I have not found it to exacerbate my schizophrenia and if anything I feel less anxious anxiety and low mood are elements of my illness and also of my other illness b12 anaemia which causes mental wellbeing issues as well as neuropathic pain . I which I could say I found it effective for pain but I personally haven’t, It may have been protective of me when I tried wild lettuce as a complementary pain medicine though , as I belief there is a risk of the lettuce inducing psychosis , like there may be with tobacco inducing psychosis , I believe that some studies have shown the entourage effect can increase the tranquilizing effect of hemp several fold and the antipsychotics I take are a kind of major tranquilizer . I also have sleep issues through using antipsychotics and hemp appears to help me sleep . Regarding the anaemia although hemp doesn’t stop the pain b12 supplements do . So I use them for my body and hemp and Go’s meds for my mental wellbeing . I’m a smoker , but I also try to vape and I like to try some of the bhang recipes I find online – to me so much nicer than plain tea :) sorry I wrote so much , but you did ask


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