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CBD Isolate is almost pure CBD. Additional processing of CBD oil means there are no other cannabinoids or THC present in CBD powder. Since it is 99.9% cannabidiol just a little CBD isolate, taken neat under the tongue, or added to your favourite food or drink will fulfil your daily dose either in one portion or sipped or eaten through the day. It’s great for skincare too. You can add it to your moisturiser, sun cream, massage oil or body butter to bring the benedits of CBD to your daily routine. Isolate is so easy to use you are bound to find lots of ways to add a little CBD bonus to your wellbeing strategies.

  • 99.9 percent pure CBD
  • THC FREE to fully comply with UK law
  • The most versatile form of CBD – add it to almost anything
  • Easy to measure – 1g equals 1000mg CBD

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