Cbd ‘NYC diesel’ 18%
Cbd ‘NYC diesel’ 18%

Cbd ‘NYC diesel’ 18%

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‘NYC diesel’

Amazing smell and flavour 

sticky to touch with large buds 

The NY Diesel took its name from the city where it sinks its roots, New York, and where the name was conceived for the first time. It has a strong and pungent aroma and a very compact medium-sized flower.

  • Each 0.5g of chopped flower contains less than 1mg of thc 
  • Not For Sale To Anyone Under 18 Years Old, Keep Out Of The Sight & Reach Of Children
  • 100% Legal, Compliant & Non-psychoactive
  • Hemp tea (when correctly crafted) is not a novel food & has been consumed for thousands of years
  • Product & Packaging is in accordance with a Cannabis association's compliance team & Trading standards advice



Simply tie up the bag, or empty into a vessel

Brew for 2-3 minutes for a delicious & invigorating CBD rich tea, or brew alongside your favourite tea of choice for a fuller flavour

Due to law, We can not condone the smoking of this product