Cbd ‘GG2’ 17% loose tea
cbd chopped gorilla glue

Cbd ‘GG2’ 17% loose tea

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The Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is one of the strains most admired by CBD weed lovers. It is a high quality kind of hemp, predominantly Indica, that owes its name to the large quantity of resin it produces. Its CBD concentration is very high: in many apical peaks (the big buds), it even exceeds 22%. Its origins are the result of the cross among three „sacred monsters“ such as Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. A monstrous “Gorilla” mix!

The Overview

Gorilla Glue CBD Flowers feature an unusual light green, a very special colour much loved its users. The peaks are medium in size with some particularly voluminous buds. The coloration is very clear and characterized by bright orange pistils that make it even more inviting. The Indoor Hydroponic cultivation of this plant allows a large production of resin: this is the reason why the flowers become particularly compact to the touch.

The Aroma

These CBD Flowers have a strong, intense and yet fresh aroma, one that most closely resembles the THC-rich strains typical one. The taste is soft and enveloping; in the aftertaste, you can feel hints of wood and pine together with an intense taste of citrus and ripe fruit. A feeling definitely worth trying!

Origin and Cultivation

The Gorilla Glue legal cannabis strain has been successfully cultivated for many years by a Piedmonts company well known in Northern Italy. The farm is located at a considerable height and uses modern cultivation techniques that allows it to be one of the most avant-garde products on the European scene. Gorilla Glue is grown exclusively in indoor environments with hydroponics method, in order to allow maximum resin production. Through this cultivation method, it is possible to have a greater plant development and a better control of all its growth phases, especially the flowering one. In addition to being very famous for its appearance, Italian and Spanish growers appreciate it as it well adapts to all weather conditions, even when grown outdoors or in greenhouses.

The Origins

In the legal Marijuana scenery, the Gorilla Glue has become a classic in a very short time. For its already described properties, it is still called "The new California beast" despite being already very famous worldwide for over 5 years. These wonderful CBD buds are the result of the cross among Chem Sister, Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. This specific version maintains all the characteristics of the original Gorilla Glue Weed.

Gorilla glue 

Using the Eu approved Finola seeds

  • Each 0.5g packet of chopped flower contains less then 1mg thc 
  • Not For Sale To Anyone Under 18 Years Old, Keep Out Of The Sight & Reach Of Children
  • 100% Legal, Compliant & Non-psychoactive
  • Hemp tea (when correctly crafted) is not a novel food & has been consumed for thousands of years
  • Product & Packaging is in accordance with a Cannabis association's compliance team & Trading standards advice



Simply tie up the bag, or empty into a vessel

Brew for 2-3 minutes for a delicious & invigorating CBD rich tea, or brew alongside your favourite tea of choice for a fuller flavour

Due to law, We can not condone the smoking of this product

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